Cormo Sheep for Sale

Are Cormo Sheep For You?

Would you like to watch a flock of beautiful white sheep graze across your pasture?

Perhaps you spin and want to start a small flock of easy to care for sheep with outstanding fleece.

Are you a person who wants to work with a quiet, calm sheep? Cormo sheep are NOT stupid or wild.

Do you like to show sheep? This is a winning breed! Cormo sheep were developed from Superfine Saxon Merino Ewes and outstanding Corriedale Rams. It's hard to beat this breed in the show ring.

If you answered yes to any of these areas be sure and contact us to learn about our stud services, fleece sales or sales of mature rams, wethers or ewes.

Cormo Rams
Cormo Sheep
Cormo Sheep
Cormo Sheep

Cormo Sheep Characteristics

Cormo sheep were developed to meet the needs of a diverse sheep industry.

1. Wool Advantages of Cormo Sheep

Cormo sheep produce an exceptional amount of soft, dense white wool with a 16-23 micron range. Staple length 2 ½ inches - 4 inches long. Their fleece is resistant to fleece rot. Excellent for hand spinning and felting.

2. Meat Advantages of Cormo Sheep

Cormo sheep grow fast and produce excellent flavored lamb products. A mature Ewe weighs 120-160 pounds. A mature Ram weighs 150-200 pounds.

3. Management Advantages of Cormo Sheep

Cormo sheep are an easy going, quiet group with strong flocking instincts. They have a high fertility and deliver twins without assistance. Cormos are hearty and do well on just grass. They are equally suited for the open rangelands and the suburban small farm. Cormo sheep were developed in Tasmania through careful genetic work to cull defects and produce a strong, hearty animal that can take hot, dry summers and cold, snowy winters equally well. 

Champion Cormo Sheep

Cormo Sheep Have Magnificent Fleece!

Fiber diameter (16-23 microns) 4 inch length, bright white. Excellent spinning fleece wins many fleece shows across U.S.A. Cormo sheep have snowy white fine fiber that hand spinners, felters and fiber artists love.

Here you see the Cormo ewe who was a Supreme Grand Champion Ewe for fleece breeds at the NJ Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival at the Salem County fairgrounds. Cormo sheep have valuable breed characteristics including high fertility, easy lambing with high frequency of twins, easy management with little or no artificial feeding, strong flocking instinct and a peaceful easy going temperament. An excellent breed for novice or experienced sheep breeders who value fine wool animals.